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Doctor and Student

Similarity between doctor and student:.

Doctor after operation and student after exam give same answer.. 

"We tried our best, can't say anything now."






Rahul Gandhi series

Rahul Gandhi calls the Help Desk to complain a computer problem.
Rahul Gandhi - When I type computer password, it just shows star star star star. What's the problem?
Help Desk - Those stars are to protect you, so that if a person is standing behind, he can't read your password.
Rahul Gandhi - Yeah, but stars appear even when there is no one standing behind me.
Help Desk - Now we know you are the Rahul Gandhi..





Rahul Series

Modi - How many apples can you eat on an empty stomach?
Rahul Gandhi - I can eat 6 apples.
Modi - Wrong. you can eat only 1 apple on empty stomach bcoz when you eat the 2nd apple that’s not an empty stomach!
Rahul Gandhi: Wow superb joke. I’ll tell my friend..
Rahul Gandhi to Digvijay - How many apples you can eat on an empty stomach?
Digvijay  - I can eat 10.
Rahul Gandhi - Pagal.. 6 bolte to mast joke sunata!!





Clear Funda

Very Logical

There was this auntie, who suddenly started learning to swim instead of going for her usual dance routine everyday.
Everyone was curious and asked her: "why the change of interest to swimming now?"
Auntie replied: "whenever my son and daughter-in-law quarrelled, daughter-in-law would always ask: "if your mom and I were to fall into the water, who would you save first?"
And because I do not want to put my son in a difficult position, hence I am learning to swim myself!"
Now not long after, husband and wife were quarrelling again, and the daughter-in-law again unreasonably asked:" now tell me! If your mom and I fall into the water, who would you save first?"
Husband replied:"I don't have to get down into the water, my mom can swim, she will save you."
Wife refused to relent: "No, you have to get into the water, no matter what"
Husband replied: "Then you will surely die, for I can't swim , and my mom will definitely save me first."