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Foreigner - which is the most popular adventure sport in India?

Indian - *Arranged Marriage*







Divorce settlement


Husband & his wife went for Divorce at court.
Judge : U have 3 kids...How will u divide them?
He had long discussion with his wife & said " Ok, sir We will come next year with 1 more kid" Laughing

Joke doesn't end here....
9 months later....They got twins..




3 in 1

A lawyer was asked: What is your opinion on Ramayana and Mahabharat?'
"One is a Kidnapping case and the other is a Land dispute  case"
Angry Boss: Why are you late for office today?
Employee: Sir, my BMW did not come today...
Boss, shocked: You come to office on a BMW????
Employee: No sir. BMW matlab Bartan Maanjne Wali..
Photographer : say cheese 
South delhi girl : can i say oats ?? I am dieting

And this is how *Pouts* was invented..






Womens Gym

Funny story

One fine day, a billionaire was walking his dog. Suddenly a man ran out from the bushes in front of him and shot the poor dog three times. The billionaire screamed at the killer, "Why did you do that?".  The killer answered, "Your wife gave me $50,000 and said to "Go kill that son-of-a-bitch"".

The billionaire hugged the killer & said .................. !!

"I don't know who your English teacher was, but I am forever grateful to her.