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When her child’s towel was stolen during a school swimming trip, an irate parent demanded of the class teacher, “What kind of petty thieves are in class with my child?!”

“I’m sure it was taken accidentally,” said Teacher. “What does it look like?”

“It’s white,” said the parent. “And there's Holiday Inn written on it!”




Generation Gap

A Lovely Warning

A Lovely Warning ..
A Genius Husband gave the keys of his new car to his Wife with a warning:

“Darling, If you meet with an accident, the newspaper will print your AGE…So drive carefully…






A couple decided to commit suicide. After a rough life, they decided to jump off of a building. When they got to the top, they both counted to three. The man jumped, but the woman stayed.

She watched him drop for about 8 seconds and then saw a parachute open.
Now the question is .......
Who cheated whom???