Rating: 2.5/5

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NowRunning.com 3/5

Anaarkali of Aarah is a brilliant little film that Swara Bhaskar handles magnificently, supported by a superb cast.

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filmibeat.com 3/5

There is a line in the film where the female protagonist quips, "Aaj ye toh aar paar hoga..nahi hum toh aara ki Anaarkali nahi samjhe". 'Anaarkali' Swara stays true to these words. At the same time, she also delivers an important message to take back home about how one's profession shouldn't colour our opinion about their integrity and moral values.

This show of Anaarkali Of Aarah is worth a visit!

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Rediff.com 4/5

There is impressive attention to detail in the music, the sound, the cinematography, the production design, the dialogues and the direction. The fact that this is not a choice many women in India have may make the movie seem simplistic, but that does not lessen its importance. We all need heroes. Anaarkali, make no mistake, is one. Yes, Anaarkali Of Aarah might well be a fairy tale.

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TimesOfIndia.com 3.5/5

However, what doesn’t work here is the absence of a strong antagonist. Sanjay Mishra’s comic villainry fails to unnerve you, making the climax look a tad convenient and underwhelming. The patriarchal society has a way of holding women responsible for the atrocities they themselves face. This movie questions this very mind-set and offers a refreshing take on women and their sexuality.

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Sify.com 3/5

These are not just performances. They are classrooms of impeccable characterisations. But above all there is Sawara Bhaskar giving what history will record as one of the bravest and most important performances by a female actor in post-modernist Bollywood.

This week, don't even think about seeing any other film. With this towering achievement around the others don't stand a 'ghost' of a chance.

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Glamsham.com 3.5/5

A movie surrounded by strong actors, ANAARKALI OF AARAH sees magnificent contribution from Sanjay Mishra as the villain -this actor can never go wrong. Pankaj Tripathi as the leader of Anar's band is outstanding and perfectly natural. Ishtiaq Khan is completely endearing. Vijay Kumar as Bulbul Pandey is fabulous. Mayur More as Anwar is fantastic. It's debatable how much it will excite the hoi polloi but certainly ANAARKALI OF AARAH is an appositely trenchant and rustic cry for women empowerment backed by Swara Bhaskar's top notch performance.

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Anaarkali Of Aarah

  • Avinash Das
  • Sandiip Kapur
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Arvind Kannabiran
  • Jabeen Merchant
  • Avinash Das
  • Promodome Motion Pictures
  • Mar 24, 2017
  • 113 Min.
  • Hindi