Rating: 2.5/5

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NowRunning.com 1/5

The young director has made two very interesting films before this. Youngistan was a rather radical idea, where a young lad becomes the Prime Minister and fights to change the system. The other film Laal Rang was a brilliant take on blood smuggling that is supposed to be rampant in the hinterlands. So this attempt at a dark comedy is a big disappointment.

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Glamsham.com 1.5/5

The humour is insipid and the only redeeming factor in this bore-com is Sandeepa Dhar whose character shows some graph. Director Syed Ahmad Afzal fails in maintaining the essence felt in the first 10 - 15 minutes and seems to have lost in the world famous 'Bhool Bhulaiya' (A labyrinth of about a thousand passageways) in Lucknow's Bada Imambara. Enter only if you know the way out.

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Baaraat Company

  • Syed Ahmad Afzal
  • Archana Chandra
  • Siddharth Rishi
    Shiraz Uppal
    Ali Ghani
  • Dhirendra Shukla
  • Shounok Ghosh
  • Syed Ahmad Afzal
    Pankaj Matta
    A.M. Turaz
    Ranveer Kumar
    Ramesh Mishra
  • Syed Ahmad Afzal
    Pankaj Matta
  • Feroz A Khan
  • AM Turaz
  • Vikram Dahiya
  • Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
    New Age Cinemas
  • Jul 28, 2017
  • Hindi