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Commando 2 Review

by Rajat Srivastav

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Our Tarzan from last Commando has been graduated to start thinking like a spy and is also turned into the second best hacker in the known universe of the movie apart from obviously being the best aerodynamic fighter.

Freddy Daruwala ACP Bakhtawar who was last seen in Holiday and Force 2 gets a meatier role again.

Neha Gupta gets to play the grey as a tribute to her last 'Rustom'.

And Adah Sharma gets to display her skillsets or the lack of it blatantly into the movie.

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So this quartet forms part of this flick which is unabashed , self explanatory and probably the first and fastest to rake in the term de-monitization as an alibi.

But without any doubt the immediate comparison scale for this movie is not Commando 1 which now looks like a superior action fest. The movie to compare will be Force 2.

And whether or not it's better than Force 2 in terms of writing and action shall decide its fate at the first three days of box office too.

Even if I say it's almost as grim and hollow as Force 2 or as mindless an action thriller providing more explanations on the plot as though it's Da Vinci code, would you consider ?

Vidyut Jamwal can speak some flirtatious lines apart from his Action-oriented torso and CV. He's made out to act and say more dialogues than part 1. I think he will find his niche sooner or later.

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TimesOfIndia.com 2.5/5

The blaring 'Commando commando' background during the action scenes is strikingly outdated. Overstretched and uninspiring, this film is reminiscent of a poor man's Abbas Mustan film. Even decent action cannot salvage this dreary supposed crime thriller.

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filmibeat.com 2.5/5

There are no songs in the film except for 'Hare Krishna Hare Rama' that appears during the end credits. The rest of the songs are a part of the soundtrack album that has been released online. On the flip side, none of them have managed to catch the audience's attention. Commando 2 is strictly for Vidyut Jammwal fans and for those who have a thing for action-fests!

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Glamsham.com 3/5

Production values are good and technicalities are fine. Chirantan Das' cinematography and crisp editing of Sanjay Sharma and Amitabh Shukla maintain the adrenaline rush. If you are an action junkie and looking for an action glory without minding much about the story then COMMANDO 2: THE BLACK MONEY TRAIL kicks some butts of an escapist pop corn fun.

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BollywoodHungama 2/5

The film’s cinematography (Chirantan Das) is really remarkable. The way they have shot the foreign locales is really commendable. The film’s editing (Amitabh Shukla, Sanjay Sharma) is average. A special mention to the film’s action director (Franz Spilhaus) for the breath taking action sequences. On the whole, COMMANDO 2 is a predictable entertainer that would appeal only to its target audience. At the Box-Office, it will do a fair business.

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NowRunning.com 1/5

As they're backslapping each other over patriotism, you wonder how and why does the government have the account numbers and passwords of bank accounts belonging to poor farmers? Commando the original movie was a decent action flick. But Commando 2 is proof that Big Beefy without brains is best placed on a barbeque.

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Commando 2

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