Rating: 2.5/5

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TimesOfIndia.com 3/5

Raveena is sincere as the victim who sullies her hands to get justice. But, the amount of bloodshed, leaves you asking, what is worse. Are the images of rape gorier, or is the bloodshed of the perpetrators of the crime, grosser?

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NowRunning.com 1/5

Maatr is a predictable revenge story that completely ignores the trauma and social stigma that is usually attached to rape victims regardless of their social class. The subject is handled so ham-handedly, you cringe at the mistakes and wish they'd stop making rape an easy subject.

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Rediff.com 2/5

In a performance marked by amazing maturity and restraint, the actress conveys the dark, brooding and internal process of recuperating from grief and finding closure. It's obvious she feels strongly about Maatr's theme and her sturdy ambition is the only thing that holds your interest even when the film does not.

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Sify.com 3/5

With minimal dialogues and controlled camera work, the film offers a realistic feel. The songs, "Zindagi Ae Zindagi" sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and "Aisi Hoti Hai Maa" sung by Kavita Seth are appropriately used to propel the emotional quotient of the narrative. The background score and the production design add to the viewing experience. Overall, Maatr is a raw and powerful tale that is crisply told albeit a tad fictionalised.

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filmibeat.com 2.5/5

Maatr is watchable solely for Raveena Tandon's shining performance as a wronged woman who doesn't mind staining her hands with the blood of her perpetrators who inflicted her with a life-scarring incident. It scores high on intention but unfortunately falls short of being a hard-hitting film.

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  • Ashtar Sayed
  • Anjum Rizvi
    Manoj Adhikari
    Innama Sayed
  • Fuzon
  • Hari K Vedantam
  • Manoj Magar
  • Michael Pellico
  • Mishka Singh
  • Michael Pellico
  • Vikram Dahiya
  • Surina Kakkar
  • Anjum Rizvi Film Company
    Manoj Adhikari Productions
    Pugmark Films
  • CDB Musical
  • Apr 21, 2017
  • Hindi