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BollywoodHungama 3.5/5

On the whole, MOM is a powerful film that reflects the horrors of the society that we live in today and how the world still remains unsafe for women. The film shocks and impacts you deep within. Watch it for it’s hard hitting content and Sridevi's brilliant performance.

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TimesOfIndia.com 4/5

Dew fresh Sajal Ali, who seems to have grown up watching Kareena Kapoor films, seems like a clone of the senior actor. But this is not to take away from her otherwise adept performance. A R Rahman’s background score adds the required chills without distracting and Anay Goswamy’s camera lingers as lovingly on the actors’ faces as it does on the snow-capped peaks. Mothers are a symbol of strength; this movie further reinforces that.

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Glamsham.com 4/5

MOM is an important film for three reasons. 1) - Its testimony that Sridevi is one of the most accomplished actresses alive, 2) Ravi Udyawar is a filmmaker to look out for and last but not the least - it's a salute to motherhood and womanhood. Go take your Moms and daughters along.

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NowRunning.com 2.5/5

MOM is a terribly long-drawn out film and even though horrendously cliched and predictable, but worth a watch for Sridevi, who is simply stupendous.

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Rediff.com 3/5

Nawaz may be the one receiving a special appearance credit but it's Akshaye who doesn't get enough to do. It's a flimsily written part that contradicts itself to an embarrassing degree and still doesn't stumble purely because of how compelling an artist he is. The film's predictability is not as much an issue as its messy climax that loses much of its drive and darkness to accommodate wishy-washy masala tropes, an ill-timed Rahman ditty and reckless ideas of fair play. What it never loses sight of is its leading lady's invincibility and for that alone, Mom's the word.

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Sify.com 5/5

Mom is an important film. Though its theme is nothing new the debutant director ensures a vigorous accountability to almost every scene. You may be tempted to wonder why Mom seems such a special film with almost every shot exuding a freshness and a secret relevance that may or may not be revealed at any point.It's just so reassuring to have Sridevi around. Thank God some things never change. This is one of the best films in recent times. And not only because of Sridevi.

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filmibeat.com 3.5/5

Mom is not just a revenge saga. It runs deeper than that and talks about a mother's undying love. The film reminded me of Agatha Christie's famous words, "A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorsely all that stands in its path." In a nutshell, Mom is worth every penny for Sridevi- Nawazuddin's stellar act and Ravi Udyawar's brilliant execution!

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BehindWoods.com 2.75/5

Mom is a predictable thriller but Sridevi adds more value to the film. Real incidents and current affairs in the screenplay make the film more interesting. This time Sridevi plays a serious 'Mom.'

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  • Ravi Udyawar
  • Boney Kapoor
    Sunil Manchanda
    Naresh Agarwal
    Mukesh Talreja
    Gautam Jain
  • AR Rahman
  • Anay Goswamy
  • Monisha A Baldwa
  • Girish Kohli
  • Ravi Udyawar
    Girish Kohli
    Kona Venkat
  • Fabeha
  • MAD Films
    Third Eye Pictures
  • Jul 07, 2017
  • Hindi