Rating: 2.5/5 Passable

Noor Review

by Rajat Srivastav

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BollywoodHungama 3/5

The film’s cinematography (Keiko Nakahara) is decent. He has done a commendable job of capturing the bylanes of Mumbai. The film’s editing (Aarif Sheikh) could have been crisper. The film could have been trimmed by around 20 minutes. On the whole, NOOR is a decent one time watch for the subject it addresses.

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TimesOfIndia.com 3.5/5

Noor introduces a conflict which is serious and relevant, but offers very little by way of resolution. It unintentionally gives a nod to armchair-activism, and as representative of our time as it is, it simply cannot cover-up the lazy writing towards the end. A slightly stronger effort on the protagonist’s part could have propelled the movie into greatness. This is the great debut that has come seven years into Sonakshi’s career. And for that, you must go meet Noor at theatre.

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NowRunning.com 1.5/5

Despite an earnest performance by Sonakshi Sinha Noor fails to make an impact. The movie is so poorly researched it gives journalist a bad name.

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Rediff.com 2.5/5

So long it’s true to its confection roots, Noor works, thanks to the attractive bonhomie Gill and Kohli’s real guy appeal generates around Sonakshi’s star. But when it engages in shallow activism for the heck of it, it rambles and drags.

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Sify.com 3.5/5

Overall, the minor lapses in the portrayal of journalism as a profession, notwithstanding, 'Noor' is an enjoyable, breezy film which pivots around strong issues but is light-hearted too.

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filmibeat.com 2.5/5

Sonakshi Sinha's latest offering isn't a picture-perfect world when it comes to viewing as it has its own set of flaws. But it does make up for a fluffy watch with your pals who stick by your side no matter what life tosses at you. In a nutshell, Noor's self-discovery journey triumphs over her journalist self and she at least deserves a chance!

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  • Sunhil Sippy
  • Vikram Malhotra
    Krishan Kumar
    Bhushan Kumar
  • Amal Malik
  • Keiko Nakahara
  • Aarif Sheikh
  • Althea Delmas-Kaushal Shikhaa Sharma
    Sunhil Sippy
  • Ishita Moitra Udhwani
  • Abundantia Entertainment
    T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd
  • Apr 21, 2017
  • Hindi