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TimesOfIndia.com 3.5/5

Despite questions over its accuracy, ’Partition: 1947’ displays the rocky start of two neighbouring countries who still haven’t recovered from the aftermath 70 years later. Accentuated by A. R. Rahman's striking background score, it aptly captures the gamut of emotions at the end of the colonial rule, making this a timely and riveting watch.

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NDTV 2/5

Partition: 1947 would have worked infinitely better had Chadha played up the personal stories in her kitty - like, for instance, the one involving the Hindu head chef (Raj Zutshi) and his Muslim sous chef who can rustle up a scrumptious "lamb Wellington and bread and butter pudding", whose partnership is cruelly broken by the Partition. As a history lesson, this film is a ride that sweeps too many elements of import out of the way and ends up on the wrong side of the 'quality line' in the bargain.

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Partition 1947

  • Gurinder Chadha
  • Paul Mayeda Berges
    Gurinder Chadha
    Deepak Nayar
  • AR Rahman
        • Aug 18, 2017
        • Hindi