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Sachin A Billion Dreams Review

by Rajat Srivastav

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More dramatic than documentary- As dramatic as any movie !!


When someone throws stones at you turn them into milestones - Sachin


That forms the crux of the whole biopic. It has a deeper meaning embedded into it. While Sachin was known to be shy and reclusive , his bat was known to do most of his talking. Remember how he bounced back in 2000's after a series of injuries , captaincy issues etc. or how after 2007 World Cup when he even talked about retiring , how he bounced back with 20 plus centuries till the next World Cup.


You see it in the mind first and then in reality. What the movie doesn't tell you is that Sachin used to visualize the whole game the previous night on how the bowler will bowl , what would be the field placements and how would he counter the attack. This was his preparation and the rest is history friends !

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The point where you actually feel the greatness of the man is that when the country was going through a political upheaval and economic reforms , the countrymen were looking for something to be cherished about - A super hero for escapism. Sachin comes at a time when he was needed the most by his people !


As a villager fondly says that the village doesn't have cinema halls and the best entertainment they had was while Sachin lasted on the crease ( he lasted for almost 35000 international runs ...!)


While he is not an actor , ads notwithstanding, his screen presence is enlivened with the unseen video footage which make your day. His family side or the way he says he can't change pampers. His childhood story is something you carry home. Enough to rejoice you !

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Where he scores the most in the movie is when he shares his grief with you. You tend to get so engaged with him that there is indeed a time machine which takes you back to that teenage- how your heart missed a beat when he used to get beaten by a ball - hope you remember. Enough to leave a lump throat !


A billion dreams is actually about his journey from the 92 World Cup till the triumphant 2011 World Cup. On how he has scored prolific in each of them and responsible for india reaching semis or the finals in either 96, 2003 or 2011.


You will be left astounded with the dressing room footage where Yuvi, Dhoni or Kumble show camaraderie and connect with the man. 


There are moments of joy when he hits Abdul Q or Shane Warne out of the stadium, Natwest when Ganguly removes his t-shirt or when in 2011 where Kohli says this man has lifted Indian cricket and now our turn to lift him! Indeed clap worthy moments.

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Any lows ? Its only about inspirations and motivations. It's a eulogy and keeps talking about his high and low points and how even his injuries taught us so much. Don't expect him to talk about ferraris or match fixing. Even 2007 T20 triumph misses any mention. What it should have also emphasized that how Sachin recommended Dhoni in 2007 as captain and how the rest is history. He should have acknowledged that though we didn't win in 2003 WC our performance overall as a team was one of the best in history under Ganguli.




But please go and watch it for the sake of Sir Sachin Tendulkar . Look out for his farewell speech as Rahul and VVS look on moist eyed.


Look out for Ramakant Achrekar. Look for the smart humor of Sehwag. My fan moment was when Sachin after getting hurt on the nose by a ferocious Waqar stayed on to score his first half century while he was 16. Please find yours too !!

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3.5 stars - More dramatic than documentary- As dramatic as any movie !!


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TimesOfIndia.com 3/5

Academically though this film is important one because for a nation that revers cricket, it serves as a reminder that prodigies may be born, but they become Sachin Tendulkar only through perseverance, patience and preparation. Go India go.

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NowRunning.com 2.5/5

They call it a film but it is a documentary of Sachin Tendulkar's life, with all kinds of videos of his personal life, footage of cricket matches, interviews with people connected to the sport and finally Sachin talking to the camera explaining what his life has been. Meant only for fans. For the others, it's just a never-ending tribute to a fine sportsman.

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Glamsham.com 4.5/5

If cricket is religion and Sachin Tendulkar is God than SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS is the offering (Prasad) that every follower of cricket and Sachin should take without fail.

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NDTV 4/5

We're listening. When it comes to Sachin, everything means the world. His first bat being presented by a sister endears her to us forever, etching the moment into lore. If you're a believer, you'll smile, sob and love this, albeit because of the subject and not the film itself. Film, in fact, is an inadequate word. This is a pilgrimage.

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filmibeat.com 4/5

Whether a Sachin Tendulkar fan or not, this film will leave you cheering and hooting for sure along with some nostalgia dripping! You will realize what was it about this Mumbai boy that made one of the greatest batsman of all times, Sir Donald Bradman once say, 'I see myself when I see Sachin batting'. In a nutshell, Sachin makes us fall in love with him all over again!

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IndiaGlitz 4/5

'Sachin: A Billion Dreams' is like a lifetime innings which should not be missed by everyone who knows and love Sachin Tendulkar.

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Sify.com 4.5/5

For telling it like it is, for giving the national hero a befitting cinematic homage and for opening up the vistas of dreams that every working class youngster lives and dies with, Sachin: A Billion Dreamsdeserves a standing ovation. For giving us a documentary that is neither dry nor pedantic nor over-eulogistic, the entire team of this film deserves a "We Love Sachin" sweat-shirt each.... Signed by the man.

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Rediff.com 5/5

The film ends with Sachin's heart wrenching farewell speech where each and everyone of us didn't want him to go. It's a nostalgia trip of the most celebrated sportsman to have graced our planet and leaves us with the chant of "Sachinnnn, Sachinn!" reverberating through our ears and hearts. All that we desire at the end of the film, is to hear the commentator on our screens state, "And the incoming batsman is Sachin Tendulkar", and then watch him take strike for real just one more time.

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