Rating: 2.5/5 Passable

Sarkar 3 Review

by Rajat Srivastav

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You need so much of freshness and zest to drive a third installment ( unless it's just a franchisee). the first one dealt with drugs , the second one dealt with MNC versus PSU and this one has builders versus slum. So novelty is a question mark isn't it ? Will this one welcome back RGV to the foray or let bygones remain bygones ??

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First the ugly side of it ;
It seemed like a complete rehash of the first one. Plus characters don't talk in this film. Never. They deliver dialogues. Big and cheesy lines, laced with strange metaphors of dogs barking , lions walking, of how even a colony of rats can't kill even a cat forget lion and even the characters at some point seem to be smirking on their own lines. Then their are so called sinisterly threats and then an explanatory replays of those. How do I not complain then ?
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The Bad side ;
Characters too many of them but none of them can pull of a single scene or call a single shot as their own. Their are fleeting moments when you recognize 'The Manoj' or 'The Jackie Shroff' but glimpses only. In the larger schema, they seem to drivel. Amit Sadh keeps going over the top and why would he try aping at times the Vijay Dinanath Baritone remains a mystery too. 
The second half curse looms large too. Too much of RGV dramatization , use of mirrors to emphasize dual faces, creepy background and panning close ups of actors to show deceitful contours
The unintended publicity of Govinda in the background becomes so annoying after a point that it might just do bad for the actor's comeback efforts if any !
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Finally the Good and why would you still love it ?
Yes you guessed it right , it's the Big Daddy of Bollywood who's still capable of stealing scenes right under the nose of accomplished actors, who like Dhoni can cover the slow run rate in a matter of few minutes and make the movie an almost watchable affair ! It's Big B all the way. Time will tell if the movie still collects amidst a hurricane BB 2 continuing to run havoc however it cannot be washed away thanks to again ...Big B !
There are other actors like Yami Gautam , Rohini Hattangadi and Supriya Pathak however without any offenses to their earnest efforts, you don't register much because of the Sarkar aura !
2.5 stars 

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BollywoodHungama 2/5

On the whole, SARKAR 3 comes across as an old wine in a new bottle and offers nothing new to the audience. At the Box-Office, the movie will find it difficult to sustain and will end with a whimper.

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filmibeat.com 2/5

In a nutshell, RGV's Twitter page is much more entertaining than this 132 min borefest! It's time the filmmaker refurbishes his factory of films. Until then our solace lies in his previous body of work like Satya and Company!

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NowRunning.com 1.5/5

Sarkar 3 fails on many levels. The film is crammed to the gills with characters and motives that go nowhere. Amitabh Bachchan is earnest but even he cannot prevent the poorly scripted and horribly hammed work from turning into a train wreck.

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TimesOfIndia.com 3/5

The brooding palette of shadow and light that has been the trademark of this franchise is retained, as is the Govinda chant that works as a terrific background score. The Ganesh-aarti rendered by Bachchan is spellbinding; the iconic actor is also in top form, mesmerizing you with his grey shades and grey irises. For his legion of fans, this one is an important outing. Amit, Manoj, Jackie and Ronit lend weightage. However, the actresses--Yami, Supriya and Rohini are short-changed.

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NDTV 1.5/5

I do hope this is the end of the Sarkar saga. We know Varma, with his incredible lack of self-importance and startling disregard for legacy, can make a sequel to anything. I wish merely for there to be some offers even he would refuse.

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Glamsham.com 2/5

As and when Amitabh Bachchan comes on screen it reminds of the 2005 Subash Nagre, this deja vu is good for RGV as it still manages to give a glimmer of hope that all is not lost for RGV till yet. His comments on social media may not be taken seriously but still those who have grown up watching his cinema since SHIVA in 1989 know about his capabilities and are still waiting. The sentiments mentioned however are bad for SARKAR 3 as the movie follows the form of the original SARKAR but to diminishing effect.

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IndiaGlitz 2/5

'Sarkar 3' is like a sequeky roar due to bad screenplay and lethargic direction. The movie had all the potential to become big just like a mighty roar of a lion.

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Sarkar 3

  • Ram Gopal Varma
  • Sunil A Lulla
    Rahul Mittra
    Anand Pandit
    Gopal Shivram Dalvi
    Krishan Chaudhery
  • Ravi Shankar
  • Amol Rathod
  • Anwar Ali
  • Ram Kumar Singh
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  • P Jaya Kumar
  • Allan Amin
  • Karishma Acharya
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  • May 12, 2017
  • Hindi