Rating: 2.5/5

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TimesOfIndia.com 2.5/5

Dhananjaya looks his best till date on screen and excels in both the dancing and fight scenes. Sanchita Shetty has an interesting role that could have been a little longer. Achyut Kumar impresses as usual. The songs are good, but badly placed at most times. The editing is what makes the film lag and lose its sheen. Watch this if you like commercial masala fare, but ensure you have ample patience.

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  • Akash Srivatsa
  • Ravi Kashyap
  • Judah Sandhy
  • Srisha Kuduvalli
  • Prashanth
    Santhosh Gopal
    Akash Srivathsa
  • Akash Srivathsa
    Vinod Kumar
  • Shankar
  • Akash Srivathsa
  • Vinod
    Mass Mada
  • Vibha Kashyap Productions
  • Babu Khan
  • Nov 18, 2016
  • 124 Min.
  • Kannada