Rating: 3.0/5

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TimesOfIndia.com 3/5

Shivarajkumar is in top form and delivers a good performance. Newbie Chandni does a good job. Vijay Raghavendra has a small but pivotal role to play. The film doesn't go jingoistic and play to the gallery like Shankar's films that touch upon such topics of social reforms, but is rather subdued in its style. There are scenes that do look unreal but one needs to hand it to director Manju Swaraj for coming up with a story that retains the star value but isn't loud and over the top. This film is for fans of commercial cinema, who want change but still have some masala.

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  • Manju Swaraj
  • B Mahadev
  • B Ajaneesh Loknath
        • Jan 06, 2017
        • Kannada