Crime Patrol Episode 10

Kashyap family who resides in Pushpa Vihar, Delhi was a happy family which included 2 brother's Aditya and Kunal, 2 small kids, and Aditya's wife. Kunal was not married and he use to work in a marriage bureau. He gets a call and never returns back. Aditya files a police complaint as his brother was missing. Employees disclose that he went to meet his boss Dhanraj Pandey. Kunal's phone was switch off from since two days. Cops investigates his boss and his driver. Cops comes to know that Dhanraj's manager Farhan was also missing. Cops visit Uttar Pradesh to visit Dhanraj's wife Kalpana's house. Cops traces Kunal's phone. Cops identified a dead body which was of Kunal. Who killed Kunal? Dhanraj Pandey? or his wife Kalpna?
Source: YouTube

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