Hindi-TV Mythology-Ramayan-Ramayan Episode 42

Ramayan Episode 42

Passing through a desert, fainting with hunger and thirst, Angad and others notice a cave from which birds come out with their wings wet. They conclude that there is water inside the cave. They enter the dark cave and reach a lovely grove with water and trees laden with fruits. They find Tapasvani Swamprabha, who tells them to have their fill as they have come on a noble mission. She even transports them to the sea - side by her tapes. There they meet Sampati, the older brother of Jatayu. Sampati, though old and weak, can see things very far off and tells them that Sita is in Lanka, a hundred yojan away across the sea. "But how to cross the sea?" The vanaras are worried and then Jambavantha reminds Hanuman of his forgotten strength.
Source: VEOH

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