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Ramayan Episode 44

In Ashok Vatika, Hanuman hides in the branches of the tree under which Sita is seated. Ravan arrives and tries his best to coax Sita to accept him. Insulted by her refusal, Ravan draws his sword 'Chandrika' when queen Mandodari stops him. Ravan gives Sita two months to make up her mind. As ordered by Ravan, the guards try to persuade Sita and even threaten her. Trijata, a female demon, who treated Sita as her own daughter, saves her from the other guards. As Hanuman finds Sita alone, he sings 'Ram Katha' from his hiding place. Sita looks around and Hanuman drops Shri Ram's ring in front of her. Hanuman comes down and assures Sita that since he has found out where she is, Shri Ram will come to her rescue without delay.
Source: VEOH

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