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NH10 Review

by Rajat Srivastav

written on March 12, 2015 -3pm EST.

NH 10 turns super expressway !

Don’t lock yourself with a cat in a dark room otherwise…!

…..An old Bollywood saying

You know what,  take a deep breath, control your heartbeat, chew some strong digestives, complete the restroom formalities and park your phone out of reach...And only then you are ready to enjoy one of the most amazingly filmed thriller experienced in the last many years of Bollywood.

It actually ticks all the points of that perfect thriller checklist-

Time keeps running, you keep gasping,

You want the mouse to switch places in this jaw-dropping cat and mouse game

You occasionally shout out to save characters you love and live with

You punch invariably, curse the wrong doers…ALOUD

Edgier as it gets..constantly your heart keeps pumping in your mouth.


Technically brilliant , color tones match the mood, eerie sounds, near-perfect background score, real-time screenplay and a super-filmi climax. the second half might dip in the energy levels but as compared to the first half draws to a brilliant filmy culmination which is sure to draw whistles.


And finally the camera is the real Hero of the movie, which runs like blood in the screenplay with brilliant shots capturing the dark and shady highway in all its glory. Props like 'Objects in the mirror appear closer than they are' are superb and enhance the script value.


The story is simple yet pulls you from your slick lifestyle to the vagaries of the area which begins soon after the last Gurgaon mall ends. You actually experience prevalent honor killings, caste-ridden mindsets and blood-hungry villagers.


And yes Anushka is the cat locked/chased in the dark …rest has to be felt and absorbed..No more details.


So all in all a real movie with a full dash of thrilling entertainment with bravura performances by Hero Anushka (that says it all), wicked Darshan, subtle and suave Neil, an out of ordinary Deepti Naval, the movie can't be rolled without some downers. Violence is unabashed and will require a hard stomach to digest. Free use of expletives to capture the region. Drop in energy levels in the second half, A little more crispy editing would have done wonders blah blah.. All Ignored in the radiance of NH 10…No technical glitches other than a few cinematic liberties.


And as they say it will take 100 years to reach the current level of Hollywood, movies like NH 10 might lessen the journey considerably.


Go hit this highway now !


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BollywoodHungama 3/5

On the whole, NH10 is a wonderfully made film with an outstanding performance by Anushka Sharma. It will be well appreciatedby an intelligent audience that's gunning for women safety and empowerment. The sound cinematic credentials and gripping narrative is the high point of the film. But, as mentioned earlier, the glorification of violence isn't easy to stomach. You need to be really motivated to absorb it. This National Highway has its shares of potholes, but, it is a must visit. Do go the NH10 way!

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NDTV 3/5

NH10 is an adventurous Bollywood film that breaks the shackles of convention and is none the worse for it. Eminently watchable.

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NowRunning.com 4/5

Imagine RGV's intensely stupid Sanjay Dutt-starrer Daud on performance-enhancement drugs and you'll get NH10, a dark and wild ride into the outskirts of our nation with plenty of thrills and gory action. Not meant for the fainthearted and tailor-made for cinema aficionados, Hindi cinema in 2015 hits a new high this weekend. Go get high on NH10.

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IndiaGlitz 2.5/5

Mixing the grittiness of Kelly Reilly starrer ‘Eden Lake’ (2008) with the junk of Khap and the spunk of women power , Anushka Sharma’s debut as producer ’NH10’ is jaw dropping but unoriginal  mess of impulsive and peculiar film-making.

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filmibeat.com 3/5

In a nutshell, Navdeep Singh's NH10 starring Anushka Sharma is a must watch if you like romance, thrill, action and good story, mixed in one single film.

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Sify.com 3.5/5

Director Navdeep Singh who made the delightful Manorama Six Feet Under, whips up a film that's unrepentantly dark, gritty and gruesome. And you still watch with rapt attention, as the story that is unfolding is so deliciously intense and the performance by the leading lady so earnest and untethered. This is a jolt-filled ride you don't want to miss!

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TimesOfIndia.com 3.5/5

NH10 is a relentless thriller you wish you could see with your eyes closed - because truly, as its song goes, chill gaye naina.

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ApunKaChoice.com 3/5

In a nutshell, 'NH10' is a disturbing, infuriating, blood-curdling indictment of a sordid side of our society. It’s an unpleasant reality, but the one we should learn to look dead in the eye. ‘NH10’ gives us that unvarnished, unsettling glimpse. Go for it.

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