Rating: 1.5/5

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NowRunning.com 1.5/5

Punyam Aham puts in a little bit of everything, be it philosophy, activism or satire, and forgets to stir them up. Sometimes hysterical and sometimes too soundless, it hence falls short both as advocacy and amusement.

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BharatStudent 1.5/5

It is neither an art film nor a commercial film so it is obvious that the film will not click at the box office as it doesn't belong to any genre of audience.

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Punyam Aham

  • Raj Nair
  • Raj Nair
    Janardhanan Menon
    Shyam Prasad Redd
  • Isaac Thomas Kottukapally
  • MJ Radhakrishnan
    • Mirabilia Films
    • Jan 23, 2010
    • Malayalam