Rating: 2.0/5

Rosapoo review from other sources

filmibeat.com 2/5

Rosapoo doesn't stay true to the tag of an entertainer and turns out to be half-baked film which has more number of misses than hits.

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BehindWoods.com 2.25/5

The screenplay is brimming with humour, but unfortunately a lot of words have been censored. Biju Menon, the newly crowned Comedy King is the factor that lifts an otherwise average film to a watchable one. Soubin Shahir brings in a lot of energy as the 'production controller Sajeer' and delivers some of the best counter dialogues in the film. Neeraj Madhav, Alancier, Sudheer Karamana deliver decent performances. Dileesh Pothan and Salim Kumar do not have much to do with their cameos. Anjali has an important space in the screenplay and has neatly played the role of an adult film lead actress.

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TimesOfIndia.com 2.5/5

The first half stands out by itself, without intriguing you about what comes next or how the story can take a turn. The second half gets unnecessarily dragged, with boring details about the various elements that go into sensible acting. If those were edited out to make the story crisper, it would have made the narrative slightly less mundane. Giving Rosapoo a miss wouldn't cost you much, unless you are a diehard fan of Biju Menon or Neeraj Madhav. 

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  • Vinu Joseph
  • Shibu Thameens
  • Sushin Shyam
  • Jebin Jacob
  • Vivek Harshan
  • Vinu Joseph
    • Thameens Films
    • Feb 09, 2018
    • 137 Min.
    • Malayalam