Rating: 2.0/5

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TeluguCinema.com 2.75/5

‘Agnyaathavaasi’ has classy visuals, rich production values and Pawan Kalyan at his best. "When we don’t have a new idea, we can follow old one," says Pawan Kalyan in the film. Wish Trivikram applied this rather than coming up with incoherent script. Lack of emotional connect is another drawback.

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123Telugu.com 2.75/5

On the whole, Agnyaathavaasi is the story of a son who saves his father’s empire. The film does not live up to the expectations as it has some decent moments only in the second half. Trivikram’s magic is completely missing as he has not succeeded in generating basic emotions and gripping episodes which end up as the biggest drawbacks of the film. Lack of good comedy and disappointing song picturization make things tedious. The only saving grace of the film is Pawan Kalyan as he carries the entire film on his shoulders. Keep your expectations completely in check while watching this film.

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GreatAndhra.com 2/5

Overall, “Agnyaathavaasi” is a huge let down despite classy and rich production values as it doesn’t entertain or move. It will be known as a bad movie in Trivikram’s career.

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filmibeat.com 2.5/5

Agnyaathavaasi is a decent watch for Powerstar fans but fails to impress a common lot and especially, for a PK-Trivikram combo fan.

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TimesOfIndia.com 2.5/5

However, all is not lost, 'Agnyaathavaasi' still has the 'Powerstar' as the lead, so the ride is not all unenjoyable. Just don't expect the film to be filled with the usual PSPK-Trivikram style punch dialogues though, you will be left disappointed! The film has a few humorous scenes and a fight scene right before the interval stands out. But watch this one just for the story and you won't be disappointed!

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NowRunning.com 1.5/5

Finally, Agnyaathavaasi is that kind of film where everything is a let-down except for a couple of scenes and action sequences. It would have been a lot better if Largo Winch is made as it is without any changes.

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  • Trivikram
  • Radha Krishna
  • Anirudh Ravichander
  • V Manikandan
  • Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
  • Trivikram
  • Haarika & Hassine Creations
  • Jan 10, 2018
  • Telugu