Mahabharat Episode 87

Drona spreads fear and destruction in the Pandava army. He seems invincible but Krishna tells Yudhisthir and Arjun that Drona can be defeated. " If he were to hear that his son, Ashwathama is dead, he would loose interest in life and throw down his weapons, "says Krishna. Yudhisthir consults Bheem who kills a huge elephant that was also named Ashwathama. Bheem roars, "I have killed Ashwathama". Drona hears his word and shouts back " I will not take your word for it, let Yudhisthir say so "Yudhisthir repeats" Ashwathama is dead" and then he mutters to himself, " Ashwathama, the elephant". Upon hearing Yudhisthir, Drona lays down his weapons and is killed.
Source: YouTube

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